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Preparing Perfect Pasta

Cooking Pasta Tips For Preparing Perfect Pasta:
  • Use 1 gallon water per 1 pound of pasta.
    • If enough water is not used, the pasta will cook up sticky and the yield will be less.
  • Do not use oil in water.
    • Adding oil will only make your carefully prepared sauce slide right off the pasta. Oil floats on top of water and usually never reaches the pasta during cooking anyway.
  • Add 1 Tbsp of salt per gallon of water and bring water to a roiling boil.
  • When water is at a roiling boil, add pasta and begin stirring.
    • During the first three minutes of cooking pasta, it is vital to almost constantly stir the pot. Long goods should be stirred more frequently to separate and prevent them from clumping or sticking during the cooking process.
  • While the pasta is boiling, prepare an ice water bath in a vessel or sink large enough to submerge your colander.
  • Cook times vary by shape, so always refer to the package directions for the correct cooking time.
  • Taste pasta to assure doneness.
    • It should be firm to the bite, "Al Dente"