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How to determine the best quality pasta

How to determine the best quality of pasta If you look at quality dry pasta in an uncooked state, you can typically tell the difference by comparing color, dimensions and purity.

In superior quality pasta you can see it has a golden yellow color that is free of defects or specks in the pasta. Compare that to inferior pasta that will typically have a slight grayish or darker brown color with lots of small specks inside. These defects are caused by either poor wheat quality, inferior manufacturing techniques or intentional blending of durum or other wheat flour with the semolina to cut costs. This dry visual test is always a good starting point in evaluation.

Take a look at cooked pasta and use some additional criteria to determine quality. Look at color and aroma, texture, elasticity and the amount of patina - or film on the pasta. A great pasta will cook up to a bright yellow that is free of defects. It will have a light nutty flavor. And, even if the pasta is a little overcooked, it will have an excellent ‘al dente’ texture, and will have same resiliency in holding its shape - most important is to retain the "Al dente" characteristic.